Thanks to the folks who sent in their model releases….

THE DEADLINE FOR THE PAPERWORK IS THURSDAY, AUGUST 21 at 5pm EST. If you don’t get your paperwork in…. no BJS for You!

The event with Siri and Sara Jay on September 4 is really shaping up to be a humdinger…. the entire event will be broadcast LIVE for members of Sara Jay’s and Siri’s sites as well as on

See you in Vegas! Watch it… or be there…


21 Days To #TeamBJ! Don’t Miss the August 20 Deadline!

… we are excited and hopefully you are too!

On September 4, Sara and Siri are 100 percent going through with BJs for twitter followers from the World Cup tweets. If you are part of #TeamBJ and coming for your BJ…

You need to have your model release paperwork emailed back to us no later than August 20.

This paperwork was emailed to you over a week ago. Scan the paperwork and email it back to (and bring the hard copy with you to Vegas). The Release form is a Word document so download Word Starter for free to read it. Having problems? Email us.

See you in Vegas! If you are a website member coming to the event, ask us about anything on the members only forum. Otherwise feel free to email if you screwed something up.

…. don’t blow it (so to speak!)



#TeamBJ Testing!! Read and then Read it Again…

Thanks for the emails… here is the information about testing.

As you guys know we believe in safety… safety for you and safety for the girls. Why? Pretty sure you’d like the peace of mind knowing that the guy next to you about to get blown before you, has been given a clean bill of health.

Testing one day before the event is mandatory. If we were you, get to Vegas on the 3rd… go get a test.. and come to the event on the 4th.

You must do testing correctly.. so read THIS… and then read it again. Testing is pretty simple, you sign up, make sure we have access to your results, and go to an office to get tested. If you are coming to Vegas for #TeamBJ that means you could come to Vegas, test on the WEDNESDAY before 4pm pst and be good to go for TeamBJ on THURSDAY September 4 (tentatively scheduled for 2pm pst). No test results mean no entry… no exceptions.

Talent Testing Services

To make it easy for you, we are working exclusively with Talent Testing Service, with locations in Miami Florida, Northridge, California and the Las Vegas (location opening this month). These are the only three facilities you can test at and have the results reported by showtime September 4. We have negotiated a discount rate of $155 per person for you to test.

Do not call these facilities. We have spoken with them in great detail and made all the arrangements for you. The address to the Las Vegas testing facility will be posted on their website well before our event.

The instructions are as follows:

1) On September 3rd, and not before, you show up in person at one of the three facilities between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm local time.

2) You fill out paperwork to test for an adult shoot, and you must consent to release your results to your “agent of record” — TeamBJ. We have given them our email address, so that each test result will be reported to us. You will also receive a copy if you include your email address on the medical release form.

3) Pay your $155 testing fee for the Gold Standard Panel

4) Leave the facility and expect results by noon on September 4.

Please note that if you have any kinds of “bumps”, spots, rashes or funky stuff on your balls or genital area or groin … don’t come to the event. Don’t waste your money and risk embarrassment. The girls know what to look for… and won’t suck anything that is suspect. Their personal health protection is our highest priority. Yes… there is a chance you can come to Vegas and be rejected by two hot pornstars after you drop your drawers. Don’t be silly and try to fool the system. No… we will not be accepting tests from September 2, September 1 or August 15 or any other dates than September 3.

Cool? If you are thoroughly still confused.. email us.

35 Days To Go… No More Applications…

The cut off date of July 31 to get your paperwork is over. If you have NOT heard back from us, you should have, so forward the email again. There were a LOT of emails so perhaps it was missed by mistake.

We will be sending all the peeps who signed up information on

1. Testing
2. Releases

The LIVE EVENT will be on September 4… and if you signed up or not, like 99% of people, you can watch what happens (details to follow). IF YOU APPLIED BUT ARE “PULLING OUT” … do us a favor and let us know.

If you think you should get a BJ even though you ”blew” the registration deadline, write in and beg profusely. No guarantees but begging is sometimes rewarded by hot porn stars.


From Our TeamBJ Mailbox….

“As a Vegas resident I will of course be in town but I’m fuzzy on the qualifications.
Do I have to follow both Siri and Sara jay? Because I only follow Siri. What are the
qualifications I must have met for this?”

That means you are OUT OF LUCK THIS #TEAMBJ! You had to follow BOTH Sara Jay AND Siri BEFORE the start of the World Cup Final game…. as stated over and over and over and over and on this blog. Sorry dudes… if this is any of you, no BJS!

“If i couldnt travel to Las Vegas due to work , is there a chance to get
my BJ when Sara or Siri would come to Mexico?? I understand that Sara
perhaps would visit the expo sexo at Mexico City from October 31st to
November 2nd..If it happens. could i get my BJ at Mexico City??”

… this is a one time only event. Can’t make it to the event? There’s no rain check!!

So im just following up with you guys, I mainly want to make sure Siri is
still not allowing masks. Can you guys ask her and make sure that she has
not changed her stance on allowing masks. If she still isn’t allowing them,
is their a possibility that she may change her mind?So im just following up with you guys, I mainly want to make sure Siri is
still not allowing masks. Can you guys ask her and make sure that she has
not changed her stance on allowing masks. If she still isn’t allowing them,
is their a possibility that she may change her mind?

Sorry!! Masks don’t make for a terrific DVD and Siri wants to make this not only a great experience for the participants but also anyone watching later. She is not in favor of any guys getting BJS from her putting on masks.

Hey what’s up let me be honest I love been watching PORN especially PAWG Siri
since 2012 and sara jay way before that I did tweet then after Germany won I
started following then after the game I hope it’s not a deal breaker but I do
understand if I don’t get picked.

… sorry! That one is deal breaker. Rules are rules and the event would never end if we allowed folks in who followed the girls too date. You can catch all the action live on cam though.

“To whom it may concern,
After the announce of the official team bj location, I am a follower of Sara Jay and
Siri under Aleks_Jorge_93 and sadly I am unable to make it to Vegas for my
opportunity. Would it be possible if you could come to a Hotel in North Bay, Ontario
after that? Please let me know if it is possible or not as I really want a bj from
these sexy ladies.”

…. and folks wonder why it takes so long to respond to emails. No. This is an event. No exceptions.

Location, Location, Location! All a “head” BJs…

Happy to say that we have just locked in our location for TeamBJ in Vegas. Where is it? We can’t tell you because we don’t want the place over run with shady looking guys looking for a BJ who didn’t sign up correctly! But we can tell you it’s a great location that is close to all the Vegas action. It is a location normally open to the public that we are closing for this very special event. More to follow.

Are you getting itchy about your TeamBJ sign up? Don’t panic! We WILL be emailing you by Monday. If you

1. Followed Sara Jay & Siri correctly on twitter (and did the RT as requested).
2. Sent in your email correctly as instructed here.
3. Are willing to get an STD/HIV test (as will be laid out here)
4. Don’t mind being being videotaped on camera exposing your willies to the world.
5. Don’t smell and sweat like you just ran a 5K on BJ day
6. Are not angry, belligerent, rude or obnoxious….

… you are eligible. September 4 is BJ day.

Don’t forget website members are first in line. For those of you who are members there is a TeamBJ thread on the Members Forum of Sara and Siri’s websites. Go say hello so the girls can get to know you better before Vegas. Don’t forget for members Sara cams live most Thursdays & Siri cams live most Sundays. They usually can address your questions if you have any.

… thanks for all your emails, comments and questions. We appreciate them all.

Wondering About Your #TeamBJ Sign Up?!

… don’t panic!

We know you all would LOVE to have your balls licked by Sara Jay & Siri. We have a LOT of emails and have to make sure that each person actually followed Siri & Sara Jay BEFORE the World Cup Final kick off AND sent us the right paperwork AND retweeted one of the world cup links (as tweeted about 100 times on twitter). We or course reserve the right to exclude anyone who looks shifty or insane in their driver’s license picture (that’s a joke!!)

Why do we need you to sign up?! We need to know just how big of a location to book.

Will you need to test?! Yes… if you want to come to #TeamBJ you are and will be required to get get a clean sheet of health from a testing facility or there will be no knob gobbling. The girls expect nothing less.

More to come.. stay tuned…

#TeamBJ 2014 – We’re Going to Vegas Baby!


After a great deal of thought, including the possibility of a European stop, Sara Jay & Siri are proud to announce that Las Vegas, Nevada has been selected as the official city for #TeamBJ 2014′s World Cup BJ Payback! The date selected (to give you all time to prepare travel plans) is September 4.

ANY Follower of BOTH @SaraJayxxx and @SIRIpornstar who followed BEFORE gametime of the Germany vs. Argentina game is invited to attend.

NOTE!!! As with #TeamBJ 2012 in Miami… you WILL be filmed and this WILL end up on the internet. If you have the balls to come to Vegas and have the time of your life with two of the hottest girls in adult, this is your chance. We likely will NOT host in the USA for any future event again.


We are in the process of planning the event. We need to confirm exactly how many fans are going to attend. So…

EMAIL the following to…. NO LATER THAN JULY 31 the following


… and most important..
6. TWO FORMS OF ID (Driver’s License for example – to prove you are over 18)

We will add fans to the list in the order received. Members of Sara Jay’s and Siri’s site will be given priority. You don’t have to be a member but it’s a lot of fun and the girls appreciate it.

Can’t Come to the Event?! We will be streaming LIVE FREE on September 4 so you can catch some of the action.  We are trying to include everyone in the fun both physically and in the cyber world.

Check back for more details. We will be posting here regularly!! Yes… there will be BJS… yes… you can get one. This HAS been done before in 2012 and it was released on a DVD that you can watch at, or by ordering a copy here at this site.

The girls would love to see you. Let’s party!  Do you like the choice of Vegas or not? Feel free to comment your approval, joy or anger. We’d love to hear from you.


#TEAMBJ WINS!!!! Let the Party Begin…

As you guys were all probably glued to your TVs and Twitter today… Germany WON, beating Argentina in the World Cup Finals 1-0 in extra time. What does that mean for followers of Sara Jay and Siri?!?! Blowjobs!! Thanks for following the the girls and this adventure.

Twitter is blowing up as have both of the Official sites of Sara Jay & Siri…

The exact how, when, where and details will be posted VERY soon (likely Tuesday but check back).

In the meantime, both Sara Jay and Siri are running website specials for the World Cup. They are supposed to run only TODAY, but until an announcement is made about the BJ event(s) – we will give you all that special. It’s $19.95 to join Sara Jay‘s Offical site by clicking this link… and $19.95 to join Siri’s Official site by clicking this link. It’s normally $25.

Why should you join? For $20 a month you get their official sites, plus shows every single day free plus 17 VNAGirls websites free. It’s the best deal in porn. Website members are of course given preferential treatment for the upcoming teambj event(s).

So check back soon or check the twitters of Sara Jay & Siri. Details WILL be coming. Guaranteed.


So let’s do a show of hands… leave a comment if you like… are you going to collect YOUR BJ if you followed the girls of #TeamBJ?!